Fresh Food

In the food field  Trascar’s Automation experience is complete of all cycle for end of line logistics, from the product packaging to the packed product handling at the palletizing station with the storage of the finished pallet and the relevant extraction for dispatching to the final customer.
Installations of food packaging machines for dairy production chain, fresh/frozen/packed meat, cured meats, sweet and salty oven products, pizza, sugar, balsamic vinegar of Modena and the other products leading the Italian food industry have been faced along the years by Trascar technical team.
Food conveyor belts for order preparing lines, picking, labeling, weighting and palletization for cured meats, meats and dairy products in controlled temperature environments, positive and negative, are an integral part of Trascar’s experience in the food field at the distribution centers  of the same manufacturers  or at third distribution companies.

The food automatic palletization is important to face high productions, always keeping a noiseless clean orderly environment. Trascar has a great experience  in that field developing very reliable solutions: food belt conveyers, roller conveyers, belt conveyers, hinged chain conveyers together with vertical and horizontal packaging machines, alternate or with continuous shelves, are the main solutions to handle packages in a fast, noiseless and reliable way.

The product packaging solution with automatic warehouse  allows to store product waiting for shipment. Entrance and exit are managed automatically by food conveyor belts which pick up and deposit pallets on a shelving of single or double depth. Storage is often done in a controller temperature environment to keep the product safe, even with subzero temperatures; all solutions are always customized according to the customer’s needs. It consists mainly in managing warehouse in order to ensure a high product rotation inside warehouse: for a proper management shipments should be prepared  following the production time.