Paper Industry


The process automation starts at the exit of flexographic machines with American boxes packing, wrap-around or thermoshrinkable film. The next logistics includes handling of all packages from the different production lines to centralized palletization. The package tracking is ensured by management software and automatic labeling  of each package. A simple solution for a sure efficiency.

The Industrial Automation of End-of-Line Palletization is offered by Trascar through traditional Automatic Layer Palletizers, Anthropomorphic and Cartesian Robots with 5 or 6 controlled axis.
According to the process data, studied by the technicians of Preliminary Planning and processed by special software applications, Trascar can fully considered the Customer’s needs, to whom Trascar will offer the most suitable automation system for his factory, and also considering the preference given by Trascar technician’s knowledge in using each offered system, such as Automatic Palletizers.
Trascar offer includes EasyPallet software, it allows Customer to create personally new automatic palletizing schemes  based on new specifications, by operating off-line on PC in a full intuitive way for every user and without influencing the work time of machines on field.

Trascar Automatic Warehouse System combines high performance and high capacity. Flexible to satisfy all customer’s needs, Trascar reduces the space used and maximize efficiency and productivity. In Trascar  complete solutions for storage, Trascar integrates  Stacker cranes and handling systems of internal design and production with owned software, offering the competitive advantage of a unique partner for all warehouse logistics. Trascar designs and manufactures stacker cranes for all need of automatic vertical warehouse to store various loading units (UDC).
Stacker cranes and their frontal Handling are coordinated by WMS software (Warehouse Managing System), which manages activities of automatic warehouse system by interfacing with the Customer’s management system (ERP).

An Automatic Picking System gives immediate direct advantages to the warehouse activity.
Trascar offers complete solutions for Distribution Centers, from automatic order pickers of single products up to robotized preparation of multi code pallets, for large-scale retail channel.
After studying data of order preparation for some weeks, and by processing the necessary information, Trascar designs an automated system optimized  to the Customer’s needs for the order Preparation  per layer, single package or boxes when a single box represents the shipping unit.
System management software integrates the warehouse WMS and coordinates the “mother” pallet handling sequence to form properly multicode “son” pallets.

All Trascar systems combine decades of research and technical development carried out by Trascar and Utit; they include automatic order pickers (A-frame),  full conveying lines, elevators-descenders ,  sorters, packaging systems, labelling, management of shipment data, order control, automatic palletization and packaging of pallets to be shipped.
In shipment logistic platforms our installations allow to simplify and automatize all order preparing operations.
The automatized solutions are integrated by semi-automatic systems supporting operators, such as pick-to-light and radio frequency terminals, which are supplied in data manager package and Trascar system supervisor, completing all operations for a prompt order shipment.