In 2010 Trascar increased the experience in Tissue field by realizing dozen of packaging lines in Europe and South America. They allowed the Company to develop the necessary knowledge in order to commit properly all need of palletization, end of line logistics and automatic pallet handling.

Packaging lines
Handling and conveying lines for boxes and pallets
Palletizing lines for bundles
Palletizing lines for cardboard boxes and displays
Pallet wrapping machines
Labeling stations 
Automatic Pallet Warehouses                                 

Trascar range of packaging lines, end of line and palletizing stations includes from a simple solution for lower performance lines by means of motorized roller conveyors for pallets and Cartesian palletizers with pallet on floor up to integrated palletizing stations by anthropomorphic multi robots FANUC, ABB or KUKA  the higher performance lines.
Trascar studies the best layout for space, performance and cheapness, offering a turn-key full system, in order to give Customer a complete service for the automatic pallet handling and one interlocutor.

Our packaging lines are designed and realized in full by our Company’s team, who is coordinated by a Project Manager and is involved in all design phases, from drafting the order specifications to the final test.
Customer will have one interlocutor, a Project Manager to whom the order is consigned. He collects all information and coordinates the different departments in order to follow all contract conditions.