The high range cosmetic industry relies on Trascar for automatic palletizing of orders

The system can handle up to 6 thousand boxes per day, with constant control of the correct pallets leveling even in presence of boxes with different heights

A palletizing system for orders able to handle from a minimum of 3 thousand to a maximum of 6 thousand boxes per day, with automated management of heterogeneous size packages (up to 3 different heights) and constant control of the correct pallets leveling in order to optimize the packaging procedure. These are the main features of the latest production of Trascar in the intra-logistics scope: the Customer, located in North of Italy, attends to delivery of high range cosmetic products, intended for shops and network of national distributors which commercialize them retail and wholesale.

Integrated technology for an excellent result
The system realized by Trascar is composed by sixteen packing stations, in which the operators ensure the completion of orders: boxes can be composed of different or univocal references, and once prepared they are transferred to three converging packaging lines, where packages are wrapped with heat-shrinking film and then sent for strapping line. Along the way, boxes are divided according to sizes and sent to the diversified palletizing stations. The system is based on two islands with anthropomorphic robots, each of which operates on four stations and performs the automatic gripper change for gripping and deposit of the empty pallet.

Packaging, packing, shipping: every phase is handled with efficiency and precision
The palletisation is made on chain transports, with starting systems and progressive stop. Pallets, once completed, are transferred to an automatic shuttle and they are sent to the automatic winder equipped with rotating rocker. After completing the packaging process, boxes are labeled and ready for shipment.