Trascar delivers to China a robotize solution

for handling and packaging non-woven reels


In the second half of 2021, Trascar will complete the installation in China of a state-of-the-art solution for the handling and packaging of non-woven (spunbond) reels. The end customer, for its first high performance spunbond production line, has decided to rely on Trascar and Edelmann Technology, respectively, for the supply of the robotize system for handling and packaging reels and for the high productivity slitter rewinder.

Thanks to this joint cooperation on this important project, Trascar and Edelmann Technology consolidate their ten-years relationship.


The solution

The developed solution is the latest evolution engineered in Trascar, thanks to more than 25 years of experience in the design of systems for the handling and packaging of non-woven reels.

The new automated system, which will serve a high performance spunbond production line and the two Edelmann off-line slitter rewinders, will be able to guarantee a production capacity of over 40% higher than all the solutions in the market for handling and packaging reels of non-woven.


The robotic system, designed to the specific requirement of this Chinese Customer, will allow the handling of more than 330 reels/hour (Trascar solutions are also able to handle more than 700 reels/hour) with a width of 60mm: on the same line it will be also possible to package rolls with a width up to 2.600mm (with diameters from 600mm to 1.500mm).

The proposed solution includes also a new system that permits the double labelling of each individual reel and the stacking with relative insertion of the protective cardboard, both on top and on bottom of the stack.


With its innovative solutions, Trascar responds to the need for high capacity required by the most recent non-woven production lines for spunbond: the solution which will be installed in China will serve two slitter rewinders with a speed of about 1,800 m/min.

The Trascar solution directly connects with the ERP system installed at Customer site, exchanging all the information needed for the nonwoven reels production.

Through the adoption of various measures to avoid any contamination on the finished product, the solution provided also responds to the “Zero contamination policy”, currently adopted by almost all manufacturers of spunbond for hygienic and sanitary use.



With the acquisition of this order for the Chinese market, Trascar confirms its international attitude, responding more and more to the requests of non-woven manufacturers worldwide.

Confirming its international development, the company consolidates its presence on all markets with new agencies and local branches which permits to stay close to Customers all over the world supporting them during the entire life of the solutions installed.


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