Trascar: smart solutions for reels handling and packaging

May 18, 2021 rolls

For over 45 years, Trascar has been the ideal partner for integrated logistics systems, offering complete solutions for the handling and storage of goods. In the solutions developed for handling and packaging non-woven rolls, Trascar has been developing, since 1996, tailor made solutions which permit the weighing and labelling of the rolls and the robotic preparation of the bundle (with labelling if required), including the laying of the upper and lateral protective cartons if necessary. Trascar can also manage any automatic storage of the finished product in automated warehouses using AGV.


The use of an automatic system for the handling and packaging of rolls allows to reduce human intervention (saving of hours/man per year) and related errors, also ensuring greater safety in the production environment. Thanks to a complete automatic solution it is also possible to reduce waste and the risk of material contamination (in compliance with zero contamination policies), ensuring repeatability of the packaging process. The ability to integrate the system with the different machines along the production process and with the ERP used in the plant allows customers to monitor the progress of orders and have a qualified and certified process.


Regardless of the type of non-woven material (spunbond, spunlace, meltblown, …), the Trascar solutions can package the rolls coming out of one or more slitters up to widths of 5.5m, guaranteeing quality and repeatability of the packaging even in presence of high volumes of material. Trascar’s experience and know-how have made it possible to develop solutions with multiple robots (in the same line) capable of handling up to about 700 rolls/hour with a minimum width of 60mm. The performance of the Trascar solutions for non-woven materials allows to reach high standards in terms of performance and productivity: rolls with a diameter up to 1,600mm, capacity to manage 10 doffs/hour and 65 packs/hour (and pack height up to 2,700mm) with the possibility of managing different types of bundle and rolls labelling (external and/or in core).


Trascar can develop customized solutions and supply systems all over the world.