Speed, product care and precision are the main advantages that Trascar automation offer in the rolls handling, sector in which we have multiple experiences in moving non-woven, paper (laminated, adhesive, coated, …), plastic film and alufoil.

Robot e magazzino

From unloading the reel from the slitter or winder to the final pallet, packaged and labeled, no machine adjustments or human intervention are required. The type of material, weight and diameter are the variables to be considered for the automation of the unloading process.


Our roll industrial handling offers to the Customers the perfect solution in terms of quality, reliability and performance.


Anthropomorphic, Cartesian robots and automatic shuttles, managed by the line supervisor, drastically reduce the presence of humans in all phases of the machine. The internal handling of the pallet requires particular care in order not to damage the external part of the rolls and to preserve their cleanliness. This operation is performed with the use of conveyors of various types, which according to the characteristics of the handled product allow the protection of the product to be shipped.


The labelling of the reel takes place in full compliance with the needs of care and protection of the value of the treated product; the operation can be performed simultaneously both outside and inside the core to ensure traceability of the product being shipped.


The needs of the end user greatly differentiate the type of packaging required for the reel being prepared and the type of final palletization. There are reels palletized directly without outside packaging on the roll and others that undergo double packaging to avoid contamination in the final use.


In the lines developed specifically for the non woven rolls handling, Trascar proposes the robotic preparation of the pack, the laying of the upper and lateral protective cartons, the subsequent simple or double packaging, the insertion of the pallet and the simple or triple final labelling. Our non-woven palettization systems are installed to the major players worldwide.
Thanks to the experience gained in other integrated logistics sectors, Trascar also proposes for the reels sector the possible automatic storage of the finished product in the warehouse.

Flexible Packaging

Adhesive Paper


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Case Histories for Rolls

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Union Industries is a world leader Company in the production of non-woven.


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