With the acquisition in 2013 of UTIT (world leader in automation for textile industries) Trascar consolidated its leadership in the sector, also leading to the creation in 2015 of a dedicated business unit.


Trascar can supply roving bobbins and cones automatic transport systems (palletizing, packaging and automatic warehouses) .


Roving bobbin is one of the most delicate intermediate products to handle; Trascar offers an automatic roving bobbins transport system from roving frame to spinning area in order to preserve the quality of your product. Roving bobbins are transported by a transport system moving along the aisles between the spinning frames and interfaces to roving frames which feed the circuit with full roving bobbins. The automation level of transport systems for this application can be customized following the customer’s need (from manual to a fully automatic system).


The roving tube cleaner is a system integrated in roving bobbin transport. During cleaning a roving tube is removed from bobbin holder, allowing a higher rotation speed and preventing an early wear of bobbin holder. Thanks to Trascar system fibers are opened during the cleaning cycle: this lets machine eliminates all fiber waste.


Traveling cleaner ensures a continuous blowing and suction for a better continuous cleaning of all textile machines, this lets yarn be always regular and clean, it means a high-quality product.


Installing cone handling systems mean a considerable turning in spinning automation process: our cone palletizing systems are installed worldwide at the major players in the textile industry. The automation interfaces to productive line and involves cone handling and packaging in a full autonomous way. Trascar solutions allow Customer to follow in real time a productive cycle and a stored product, besides reducing significantly costs of labour and production stops.
A centralized palletizer is equipped with several palletizing stations.
The number of stations can be chosen according to the manufactured products or the number of productive machineries. The palletizer size depends on the number of palletizing stations.


A direct palletization can compose pallets in front of textile machinery such as winder, Open-End, Vortex, … Palletizer moves in front of machines and directly interfaces to them.
The use of AGV trolleys allows you to manage the sorting of pallets between the various production / storage areas in a completely automatic way without the use of personnel.
The extreme flexibility of the automatic trolleys used allows the execution of the most complex cycles.


With an automatic warehouse for pallets, it is also possible to optimize warehouse space; Trascar has created numerous automatic warehouses for the various storage needs of Customers.


Designed by Trascar, the automatic lap transport system LTX8 picks up the laps coming out of the lap formers and places them on the rear deposits of combers machines which do not have spare laps. The transfer is 8 laps at the same time. The order of priority is due at the time of emptying the deposit itself.


Transfer LTX 8 automatically picks up the empty tube from combers for its return to the lap former of origin.


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Kipas Mensucat, based in Turkey, is one of the most important yarn suppliers in the world
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Production and sale of textile yarns made by superior quality and Italian taste cotton


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