A super technological warehouse for
Farmacie Comunali Riunite in Reggio Emilia



Trascar Utit designed and built an installation capable of handling more than 35.5 million packages and approximately 450 thousand orders per year. This huge amount of orders can be easily handled by the Trascar Utit automatic order picker which carries the name ‘Fast Pick’, it is a high capacity machine with 2,600 channels and a throughput of 12,000 order lines per hour. The ‘Fast Pick’ automated system is integrated together with two manual preparation zones fed by a sorting point each with 8 and 4 preparation sectors.


Innovative technology, rationalization of space and cost, efficacy of performance and the intrinsic integrated safety of the system, are the key features of the new automated warehouse at the Farmacie Comunali Riunite, FCR facility in Reggio Emilia, designed manufactured by Trascar Utit housed in a building with an area of about 11 thousand square meters, located at the close proximity of Reggio Emilia. This building was made by unifying two historical FCR warehouse’s, one for hospital and one for pharmaceutical products, now combined into one logistical location and having integrated technological and management systems. FCR has been a customer of Trascar Utit for a very long time, having successfully purchased automation with a value of €UR 3.7 million, which has maximized efficiency and allowed FCR to capitalize on new business opportunities , while optimizing the costs of personnel and product preparation for faster shipping to FCR’s new and existing customers.


The power of numbers and technological safety

The FCR warehouse has to process about 450 thousand orders per year, equivalent to a total of 7.7 million order lines and more than 35.5 million boxes to be handled by the system . The installation manufactured by Trascar Utit is consists of the automatic order picker ‘Fast Pick’, it is a high capacity machine with 2,600 channels and a throughput of 12,000 order lines per hour the ‘Fast Pick’ automated system is integrated together with two manual preparation zones, the system is fed by a sorting point with a scanner array each with 8 and 4 preparation sectors. This unique system can manage boxes and plastic containers at the same time. Boxes are made automatically inserted into the line according to the order volume in two different formats. The system automatically prints and inserts delivery notes then automatically closes and tapes the finished box for each order, as for plastic containers the system automatically prints and applies delivery notes, then automatically straps the finished container for each order. The finished containers are sent to a dedicated system which sorts approximately 900 packages per hour into 36 goods bays per delivery cycle, this solution is all designed and implemented by Trascar Utit for the pharmaceutical industry. The FCR warehouse system has an ‘informatics brain’ developed by Trascar Utit, which consists of unique software, interfacing with the customer’s internal management programs and resulting in the complete logistical control of the order operation.


A Crucial Reference for Pharmaceutical Industry

FCR is huge employer and supporter for Reggio community, the company has been in operation for 115 years, supplying over 1200 important customers, including 400 pharmacies and Para-pharmacies, 800 hospitals, health facilities, nursing homes, rest homes, and large retailers, moving over 35.5 million of packages per year.

Farmacie Comunali Riunite FCR of Reggio Emilia is a reference for the very best in public pharmaceutical services, besides managing pharmacies, FCR deals with wholesale distribution of special drugs, OTC products and general health care products too. The Company operates an e-commerce system for all health service facilities and consumers alike, it manages social welfare services, physician’s practices and provides scientific information for health workers, seamlessly integrated into the seamless automation in the warehousing, conveying system and order preparation at the FRC facility. This massively increases efficiency and FCR’s ability to rapidly prepare and deliver each crucial order, all designed and installed by Trascar Utit and resulting in the FRC warehouse in Reggio being the most advanced installation of the pharmaceutical industry in all of Italy.


Trascar Utit’s Customized Solution, Provides for Assured Efficacy

Simco Engineering located in Milan assisted Trascar Utit during all activities while installing the system. Trascar Utit obtained the order of this important project thanks to the reliability its equipment in all automation fields, and because of the long and successful experience in logistical systems for all pharmaceutical industries.


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