Leading logistics Companies choose automation solutions made by Trascar

A new automatic warehouse for Fercam was built in Bologna. The provided system consists of 6 miniloads with carton loaders, to manage the seasonal change of an important Fashion brand.

Trascar, a company specialized for over forty years in providing tailor-made ‘turnkey’ automation solutions, is confirmed to be a point of reference for integrated logistics operators. One of the latest solutions developed by Trascar is a new automatic warehouse for cardboards commissioned by Fercam, one of the major international transport and supply chain services companies. The system, built in the logistics hub located at the Bologna Interporto, consists of 6 miniloads with carton loaders and manages the seasonal change (clothes) of an important fashion Company, which has entrusted Fercam with the storage and distribution of their references.

Trascar guarantees reliability and timeliness of the distribution chain

Design and build an automatic system serving a warehouse that can hold up to 80 thousand cartons, where operators work without interruptions (three daily shifts) to ensure the constant and correct supply of a network of over 350 points of sale – including shops and outlets interiors – located throughout Italy. In addition to promptly guarantee the thousands of shipments requested, the new automatic system must also manage – without errors – the returns of unsold goods and the restocking of new clothing items for the following season. Trascar has provided the most suitable solution to these demanding requirements, thus ensuring the continuity, reliability and timeliness of the distribution chain which forms the solid basis on which the relationship between Fercam and the end Customer is established.



High efficiency thanks to the 6 double-depth miniloads

The overall handling capacity of the new Fercam automatic warehouse amounts to aprox. 500 cartons/hour at the entrance and the same number at the exit, thanks to the 6 miniloads with carton loader on board, capable of operating in double depth in a plant arranged over 16 levels in height and 85m in length. The warehouse header area is divided into 3 areas: the external goods receiving area, with check point where the cartons are subjected to recognition by optical label control before being sent to the warehouse; the picking area, equipped with 7 workstations for operators who – guided by the pick to light system – create orders for the shops; the shipping area, where the cartons generated by picking are closed and labeled, to be then sent to the 6 dedicated channels where the palletization and dispatch take place. The plant is managed by WMS software, which regulates and controls every handling and storage operation (goods receiving, sending to the warehouse, picking, shipping), and is set up with different Client interfaces to guide the operators in the various tasks assigned to them based on to their respective competences.

Consolidated know-how available to the Customer

Reliability, speed, traceability: the new automatic warehouse built for Fercam represented a high demanding challenge, which Trascar was able to overcome thanks to its consolidated experience in the field of automation and industrial handling. A know-how accumulated in over four decades of success, made available to the Customer to guarantee in real time and without errors the constant supply of goods to retailers, transforming the criticality of seasonal changes into an opportunity to improve the productivity and business efficiency.


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