Texbond, borned in 1989 and based in Rovereto (Italy), is a consolidated company in the non-woven industry, placing itself among the main national producers with customers all over the world.

For over thirty years the company has been operating in various industrial sectors (medical, furniture, automotive, agriculture, construction, …) thanks to the use of two Reicofil lines and two Trascar systems for the handling and packaging of non-woven reels.

The solutions provided by Trascar differ from each other in the degree of automation, due to the different types of the reels to be packaged: in the first line the finished pack is made in a “cocoon” toroidal configuration, while the second more recently line is composed of the classic and tested robotic reel handling solution, with internal and external labeling of each individual reel and of the finished pack, this one made by applying stretch film on a stack of vertical axis reels.
Thanks to the Trascar solutions, Texbond has been able to automate the end-of-line process and considerably reduce the manpower used and the costs related to reels handling errors, allowing a return on investment in a short time.



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