The Bauli Group has distant origins, in one artisan workshop founded in 1922 in Verona (Italy), from the passion of the founder Mr. Ruggero Bauli and from an ancient pandoro recipe. After almost 100 years of success story, the family tradition group is today recognized and loved all over the world: in fact, all products of Bauli Group are present in over 70 countries. Over time, the Group has been able to diversify its business, combining the production of sweets for anniversaries with daily sweet and salted baked products. The real ingredients for Bauli’s successful recipe are the combination of traditional craftsmanship and innovation and the match between natural leavening and advanced technology.

The solution realized by Trascar for Bauli is a system of different cases palettizing islands. Thanks to this realization Bauli increased its productivity; the goods’ flow management is realized through bar-code reading and fluid distribution of goods themselves in palettizing islands, in a tidy and direct way, increasing the speed with which are composed the production pallets.


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