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The Company of Modena has been chosen as technological partner by Filmar S.p.A. S.p.A., important reality of the fashion district in Lombardia (Italy), for the realization of a new automated warehouse with high storage capacity.

The efficiency and the reliability of Trascar S.p.A.’s solutions for the automated logistic breakthrough also in the high fashion field: the Company of Modena, specialized in engineering and in realization of systems that improve productive and logistic processes, has been chosen as technological partner by Filmar S.p.A. S.p.A., important textile reality based in Lombardia (Italy), for the realization of a new automated warehouse with high storage. Technology and fashion, two recognized excellences of Made in Italy, find finally the right synthesis in the system realized by Trascar S.p.A. for one the reference names of the top level clothing field.

Continuous research of high-quality standards

From over 60 years Filmar S.p.A. is specialized in production and marketing of cotton yarns of upper quality and exclusive Italian taste: the Company of Brescia has acquired a relevant role in the fashion field applying to each operational aspect the philosophy of excellence and a continuous research of high quality standards. The whole chain of production and manufacturing of the cotton is managed directly and inside, thanks to farm estates and to productions sites bought in Egypt that ensure an yearly production of different millions of Kgs of precious yarns. The cotton reels go through Mediterranean and arrive, packed in cardboards, at the factory of Brescia, where they are stored waiting to be turned into dresses, t-shirts, trousers and other garments produced from the most prestigious Italian fashion houses.

Technological excellence Made in Italy

Now Trascar S.p.A. comes on stage: the full automated system is composed from 2 miniloads (11 metres of height) for handling and storage of cardboards, from a robotized island and from two manual picking stations. The warehouse has a storage capacity of 16.000 cardboards in double depth, the mini load’s performances exceed 140 cardboards/hour inbound and outbound. Miniloads shift cardboards through a telescopic carton loader, which takes out until 2 packages at the same time and put them on the shelf. The handling, placed at the head of the warehouse, is composed by a robotized island with anthropomorphic Fanuc, which has the duty to de-palletize cardboards on pallet coming from outside and charge the warehouse; moreover, the same robot act as palletiser during the preparation of pallet order. The two manual picking stations complete the system: here the operator, guided from the management software, prepare the orders with units lower than cardboard, going to complete the pallet order coming from the robotized island. To direct the flow of cardboards – from the goods receipt and warehouse loading to the order preparation, picking and palettization – it’s the WMS software (Warehouse Management System) customized by Trascar S.p.A. on Customer’s needs, easy to use and immediate intuition that assures the perfect packages management, from the production to the final Customer’s truck loading.

Customized engineering, innovative solutions, after-sales service

Trascar S.p.A. is able to provide an overall attention in each operational phase: from the engineering to the assembly, from the commissioning to the after-sales assistance. The system realized by Trascar S.p.A. for Filmar S.p.A. fully answers to this philosophy.: the project has been drawn up tailored, carefully following Customer’s needs; its realization has allowed to activate a regular interconnection between different factory’s departments and between functions that take place downstream and upstream of the warehouse; the accuracy and the efficiency in the management of the load/exit flows considerably improved the optimization of spaces and times; the observance of stipulated deadlines for installation and commissioning positively influenced on the Company productivity. Customized engineering, innovative solutions, assistance and coordination in commissioning and assembly phases, qualified after-sales support: all these features compose the signature’s author of Trascar S.p.A. The Customer’s satisfaction is complete, so much that at the end of 2020 has been realized one extension of warehouse, to which was added a new already functioning pallet handling system.

Progetto di crescita a livello internazionale per la conquista di mercati emergenti mediante la commercializzazione di innovative tecnologie automatizzate per il settore tessile, pharma e la logistica.

Descrizione Progetto
Il progetto prevedeva una strategia di internazionalizzazione e sviluppo di contatti commerciali verso Bangladesh, Russia, UK, Turchia, Germania, USA. Trascar aveva programmato, a tale scopo e prima del diffondersi della Pandemia, la presenza con uno stand alle manifestazioni fieristiche di seguito elencate: LogiMAT 2020 (STOCCARDA), INDEX 2020 (GINEVRA); ITM 2020 (ISTANBUL); KTM 2020 (KAHRAMANMARAS-TURCHIA); DTG 2020 (DHAKA - BANGLADESH).
Gli eventi fieristici sono stati selezionati per garantire la presenza diretta di Trascar sui mercati individuati al fine di incrementare la visibilità dell’immagine dell’azienda e garantire una forte presenza nel territorio estero tramite distributori diretti/agenti specializzati, e lo sviluppo di rapporti commerciali con nuove realtà industriali in fasi di crescita. L'obiettivo era un incremento di fatturato export e di brand awareness.
Per ragioni dettate dalla pandemia, è stato possibile svolgere solo la fiera INDEX nel '21 che, nonostante le restrizioni, si è dimostrata produttiva in termini di contatti e follow-up. Il lavoro effettuato dal TEM ha portato all'identificazione, tramite le azioni di marketing digitale e di un DEM, di prospects e potenziali partners commerciali. I contatti si sono e si stanno trasformando in incontri atti alla formalizzazione di contratti.
Progetto confinanziato dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale


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