Nowadays logistics optimization by means of Industrial Automation is very important for all manufacturing companies who have to reduce their general costs to be competitive against competition of countries with low cost labor.
Enterprises of metalmechanical and electromechanical fields, chemistry and even manufacturers of finished or semifinished products, which have already invested utmost in Industrial Automation Systems, find the way in logistics industrial automation to retrieve the necessary competitiveness on the market.

In that field Trascar has available the experience got through several achievements; and thanks to Industrial Automation Systems this lets customers reach their preset purposes. Control of flow and handling among the different divisions, automatic storage of semifinished and/or finished products by stacker cranes can reduce down times and increase productivity of your Company. Conveying systems and automatic interoperation storing systems, such as  stacker cranes for automatic warehouses, are the products offered by Trascar to customers in order to reach the purpose of productive performance and lower costs.

For all internal logistics problems we offer our experience to estimate a preliminary project.