For over 40 years TRASCAR-U.T.I.T. has offered to the market full solutions for pharmaceutical distribution logistics by means of Vertical Automatic Warehouses; the most advanced systems and the best equipment are combined in order to give the proper solutions for every need of managing material flow and order preparation.

An automatic warehouse picking system together with a rational structure of warehouse physical flows gives important advantages such as: Manpower reductionwarehouse picking automation takes a higher percentage (more than 70%) of lines daily prepared and requires a lower presence of operators while preparing, and refilling machines; Reduction of picking errors – The automatic warehouse picking equipment – normally used for high rotation products – has a picking error average equal to 1 on 10,000 picked items. Moreover, the logic rationalization of manual warehouse picking assures a high error reduction in this preparing phase too; Fast preparation and certain preparing times – The warehouse picking automation of higher rotation references together with a rational linear management of order physical flow, even in manual sector, helps to reduce time for order preparation, assuring to support higher working peaks; the possibility to get certain times to prepare orders lets warehouse concentrate the order preparation in short day periods.

2012 is FAST PICK’s beginning, a machine of new generation which comes from “Sprint Pick”’s evolution. FAST PICK is the new superfast automatic order preparing machine for the highest rotation automatized warehouses,  able to satisfy all type and size of automatic systems and pharmaceutical warehouses.

Certainly, FAST PICK also includes TRASCAR-U.T.I.T. philosophy, that is a partner company, at customer’s side, with the purpose of a full and continuous consultancy along the time. We’ve well known our value is not only to supply machines and equipment of high performances, but also to give “HIS OWN” solution to every customer. Every time a solution for Vertical automatic warehouses designed and studied fully fitting to his productive, organizing, logistic and space needs, flexible and upgrading along the time, in which machines and equipment, besides singularly assuring the maximum performances, are included in a system which gives the best investment returns in full and for all aspects.