Automatic Warehouse? A natural choice

October 3, 2023 logistic , news-en

Automatic warehouse with shuttle lift and drag extraction system


Today, we share an extraordinary story of collaboration between two leaders in their respective industries: one specializes in the design and production of automatic machines for processing and packaging pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food products, based in the Bologna area; the other is Trascar, a name that carries over 50 years of expertise in the design and production of intralogistics and automated warehousing solutions.

The production of tea bagging machines is one of the strengths of the Bologna-based company, which, to further optimize its production process, embarked on an ambitious challenge: the implementation of an interoperable automated warehouse within its production cycle.

This is where Trascar comes into play: automating the flow of components required for the production of these machines

From standard to customized components, Trascar was the natural choice to provide the automated warehouse that aligned with the goal.


A successfully met challenge

The challenge was not only technological but also spatial.

Close collaboration in the pursuit of the best solution led to the decision to create a warehouse with a tray storage system, equipped with stacker cranes and a drag-out extraction system, allowing for a remarkable storage density of over 2,000 large drawers.

Automatic Warehouse


Thanks to seamless integration with the factory’s MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Trascar’s WMS (Warehouse Management System) coordinates the retrieval missions of the drawers containing the required components.
Whether a few pieces or the entire contents of a drawer are needed, the system guides the operator to ensure an efficient picking process.

Lift trucks with drag extraction system

Cutting-Edge performance with Trascar

This collaboration has yielded astonishing results: space reclaimed in the facility, centralized component retrievals, improved inventory control, and a faster material setup than ever before, along with a significant enhancement in workplace ergonomics.

Thanks to automation, it’s possible to reduce or eliminate the need for repetitive and physically demanding tasks for human operators. This helps prevent injuries related to repetitive strain and enhances the health and well-being of workers. Furthermore, automated systems are designed to operate consistently and accurately, reducing human errors that can lead to hazardous situations or inefficiencies. Overall, automation improves workplace ergonomics by creating safer and more comfortable conditions for employees, allowing them to focus on high-value tasks and reducing the physical stress associated with repetitive manual tasks


This is a clear example of how innovation and collaboration can lead to greater efficiency and competitiveness in the industry. We are proud to be part of this story and to continue working together to create cutting-edge solutions.

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