New high-performance automatic warehouse for MEMC Electronic Materials, a leading Company in the electronics industry

Trascar delivered a complete solution with excellent performance for the storage and handling of components with high added value.

Compact, high values and extreme care: the distinctive features of the electronic components impose quality standards of absolute excellence for the entire production chain, including the automatic systems for logistics and warehouse. Trascar, thanks to the experience acquired in the design and construction of automation and industrial handling and packaging systems, has recently achieved a significant new result in this sector by creating a new automatic warehouse for the storage of boxes containing silicon disks, used in the production of electrical and electronic components for the computer industry.

Excellent performances for a high efficiency system

Silicon discs requires high care in every stage of their handling: the automatic warehouse provided by Trascar had to reach excellent quality standards and ensure the perfect integrity of the packages handled. The main parto of the provided solution is the miniload which operates up to 7 meters high, equipped with an on-board carton loader for gripping the plastic boxes. Each box is made with an aluminum coating that protects the contents. The operational performance of the new MEMC Electronic Materials automatic warehouse is of absolute importance: the total storage capacity reaches 8,000 boxes, with a maximum handling of 120 boxes per hour. The correct operation of the system is governed by the WMS software, which guarantees constant supervision of each phase – from receipt to storage, up to shipment – eliminating possible human errors and keeping the warehouse inventory up-to-date.

Constant control of each operational phase

The boxes taken from the miniload are loaded on two automatic lines coming from the production; for each loading point, the label is read and the correct orientation of the box is checked. After the preliminary phase of dimensions’ checking, the box is then sent to the warehouse. Upon receipt of the order by the operator, the miniload removes the relevant boxes from the shelf in a few seconds without error. Each box is sent to the order preparation point, located on the lower floor, by means of a vertical descender: here an operator receives the boxes, checks their contents and prepares the goods for shipment.

Maximum care in the packages’ handling

To meet Customer’s needs, Trascar has designed a transport system that guarantees passage continuity, moreover the miniload is equipped with a lateral gripping clamp with lifting, which allows to avoid direct contact with the shelf support surfaces. The absolute integrity of the packages handled is guaranteed by the absence of any improper stress and by the constant control of all spacing and speed parameters. From the moment it is removed from the shelf until it reaches its destination, each box is managed avoiding any movement that could cause evident marks on the external surface or – even worse – that could damage its contents. The final result is an overall improvement in the Customer’s production capacity, thanks to the efficiency of warehouse operations and the reduction of associated time and costs.


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