Film and Paper

Products of rolls, which are subject to internal handling, include a wide range of industrial fields. From winders to dispatch, we can select all the operations in common with the various product types, which let us identify a productive line. Trascar’s experience in solving dozens of situations has inserted it in the product range for Roll Industrial Handling including all roll preparing phases, from winder unloading to dispatch.

The Unloading Automation of rolls just produced is made by systems which are designed according to this machine. Product type, weight and diameter are variables to consider for the unloading automation. Anthropomorphic and Cartesian Robots, and automatic shuttles managed by a line supervisor reduce drastically the man presence in all machine-board phases.

In the finished roll dispatching logistics, internal package handling needs a special care not to damage its inner turns and edges, and to preserve cleanliness. This operation is performed by using different types of conveyors, which ensure the dispatching product according to the features of the transported product.
Package labeling is made by respecting in full the care and safeguard exigencies of product value; the operation can be executed at the same time both on external film and inside the tube in order to ensure the product traceability in dispatching.

The final use exigencies of a processed film have greatly diversified the package type required by a roll preparation. Even the final palletization is influenced by the package type used for a product. There are rolls directly palletized without package and others having a double packaging to avoid any contamination in the final use. Trascar has developed these and more experiences in the field so that they can be a reliable partner in studying the special Customer’s needs in order to offer the ideal solution for the automation of every manufacturer or converter of plastic films, paper, metal or textile products.