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CTL-Cooperativa Trasporto Latte trusted to Trascar Utit for the new automatic warehouse in refrigerated ambient

January 24, 2018 food
CTL-Cooperativa Trasporto Latte trusted to Trascar Utit for the new automatic warehouse in refrigerated ambient The system realized at Bologna’s factory is able to handle at the same time 120 pallet/hour, and it’s equipped with fire-fighting system. With the choice of the Automation the whole storage capacity is increased of 30%, furthermore the management of warehouse software is assured.   The Cooperativa Trasporto Latte – one of the principal national player of logistics in the food industry – chose Trascar Utit for the realization of an automatic warehouse at high technological contents in its Bologna’s factory. Our Company in fact has been identified – in accordance with the established experience in the automation and logistics sectors in this specific working area– as specialized and reliable partner to whom entrust the technical drawing, the construction and the acceptance test of a system in refrigerated ambient, of the value of over 2 millions euro. The new automatic warehouse assures to the Customer a considerable increase of the whole storage capacity, together with a higher efficiency and safety of the load/unloading operations and products shipment. The crossing mezzanine An automatic warehouse at controlled temperature Fresh milk, uht milk, cheese and dairy products, but also fresh in bulk or packaged: Cooperativa Trasporto Latte is specialized in refrigerated handling of dairy and food products of various type. For its new warehouse in Bologna it asked to Trascar Utit to realize a solution that matches requirements of particular complexity: the building is developed on a surface of over 6.000 squares meters and it’s interested by the passage of over 20 tractor trailers a day. The principal difficulty is not related to dimensions but to the operating temperature to which the system must function, that has to be included between 0 and 4 degrees and whose correct maintenance is obviously fundamental for the preservation of the products. At this must be added the need of handle the pallet in entrance and in exit through a crossing mezzanine, that connects the two places in which it’s carried out the load/discharge of vehicles.   Technology and efficacy in one solution In the solution formulated by Trascar Utit all these requirements find a suitable answer: specific technological devices assure the perfect efficiency also at low temperatures of installed machineries, and an airy line of pallet transport that develops for over 50 meters and allows to connect different working stations of factory and overcome in few seconds the division between the two refrigerated spaces. The core of the new system is constituted by a system composed by stacker cranes with double depth storage, able to handle at the same time 120 pallet/hour (60 in entrance and 60 in exit). The whole capacity of warehouse storage increases in significant way, furthermore the picking can be directly realized within the two cells contiguous the chilled warehouse, connected between them from the airy run.     The numbers’ force and the technological safety Technological innovation, rationalisation of spaces and of management expenses, efficacy of performances and safety for workers. Over these advantages, the system realized by Trascar Utit allows to Cooperativa Trasporto Latte the increase of 30% of the whole storage capacity of the warehouse, passing from 4.500 to 6.000 places/pallet overall. Otherwise it assures the reduction of interference between picking’s and truck’s workers, thanks to reduction of the wares traffic circulating within the refrigerated cells. A further strenght of the system is represented by the complete management of the software, both for what is related to the automatic warehouse’s functions both as applications ad hoc realized by Trascar Utit to assure the integration with management programs already used by the Customer. In the end, for what is related to the safety, the set-up foresees also the realization of an integrated fire-fighting system, composed by an accumulation tank of over 500 cubic meters, by the pumping unit, by the valves unit and by the all equipment of shelving side and related sprinkler, together with the integration of the whole refrigeration system of the manufacture.   As happens with each system realized by Trascar Utit, also for the Customer CTL our post sales service will assure the complete assistance/teleassistance for the scheduled maintenances, both for the whole system and for the single equipments.