Logistics Flow Optimization: Production, Warehouse, Picking, Shipping

September 29, 2023 logistic , news-en

Automatic storage rack, multiple depths.


The Bergamo-based company we are discussing today specializes in the production of components for pneumatic valves used in automobiles, motorcycles, and bicycles. In search of innovative solutions to optimize the logistics flows of its semi-finished components, they chose Trascar as a reliable partner to implement a highly automated system.

The challenge: logistics flow optimization

The challenge was to effectively manage semi-finished components before packaging or kitting in order to optimize logistics flows and improve overall efficiency. Incoming materials from production were placed in metal baskets with barcode labels for tracking.

The Trascar solution: customized automation integrated with production

Trascar implemented a system that allowed for highly efficient retrieval, storage, and management of materials.
An anthropomorphic robot was tasked with retrieving baskets from production, emptying them into specially designed plastic bins, and transferring them to the automated warehouse.

Thanks to the solution provided by Trascar, numerous benefits were achieved:


  • Space Optimization The system maximized space utilization and managed large quantities of components
  • Operational Efficiency L’automazione dei processi ha ridotto i tempi di movimentazione, migliorando la produttività e la velocità.
  • Process Accuracy/Tracking Barcode management ensured accurate component tracking and reduced errors
  • Tailored Flexibility The customized solution met specific needs
  • Technological Integration Integration with the existing system allowed for continuous real-time information flow.


The collaboration yielded encouraging results within the first months of use. The company was able to improve material flow organization, introduce new processing machines, and sees the potential to exceed initial goals thanks to this advanced solution

Trascar: Your Partner for Intralogistics

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