Logistics for e-commerce: from Trascar integrated solutions for 2.0 Automatic Warehouses

April 27, 2021 logistic
Logistics for e-commerce: from Trascar integrated solutions for 2.0 Automatic Warehouses  

Thanks to flexible and modulable System created by Trascar, times and costs of preparing orders are significantly reduced. Complete integration between warehouse operations, IT management and shipping is guaranteed.

The E-commerce represents an unavoidable development opportunity for Companies: the online sale of products and the digital order collection are settled realities for an increasing number of Companies, in every production and commercial sector. To obtain concrete benefits from digitalization of sales processes and preparation of goods, it is necessary to trust in expert and reliable technological partners who guarantee effective strategies and infallible results.

Trascar can offer integrated, flexible and modulable solutions for automatic warehouses designed and built according to the 2.0 logic, which allow Companies operating in online sales – both B2B and B2C – to win this important technological challenge and therefore acquire a competitive advantage over the competitors.

Trascar Flex Store 247: the effective, integrated, flexible, and modulable solution

The Trascar Flex Store 247 System guarantees complete integration between warehouse operations, IT management and shipping. This is the perfect solution for Companies that need to speed up the orders preparation for e-commerce, for suppliers or for stores. The System manages the whole logistic process: from the reception of orders to the preparation of the references, up to the packing and delivery of the packages to the loading / withdrawal stations.

Flex Store 247 is a flexible and modulable System; it can be supplied in fully automatic or semi-automatic modality, fully customizable for intensive storage needs. The System prepared by Trascar provides the complete integration between hardware and management software, and is prearranged to interface with the Customer’s ERP and management System, as well as with the web platform for orders acquisition and management.

From the screw to the pharmaceutical product, from the pullover to the do-it-yourself

Flex Store 247 by Trascar is the compact and modular e-commerce logistics solution, which guarantees the optimization of warehouse spaces and which can be adapted to the most different product sectors. In particular, all high/medium rotation references represent the optimal range of application: from food to pharmaceutical/cosmetics, from small ironmongery to clothing, from stationery to do-it-yourself, from herbal products to the paint factory.

Our automated logistics solutions are always realized to adapt to Customer’s needs. For example, it is possible to create a storefront the street for withdrawal of products through automatic vending machine, as well as is possible to prepare the System of stations dedicated for home delivery or at stores.


From the project to the installation

The digital sale requires a high level of efficiency of the supply chain: the management of warehouse stock, the preparation of orders, the packaging, the delivery to the carrier or to the final Customer constitute a chain of work that cannot know interruptions or slowdowns. The whole process must be managed and coordinated with maximum speed, reliability and optimization of spaces and costs.

For nearly fifty years Trascar is a reference name in the automated logistics sector: thanks to our experience we can guarantee the maximum reliability of the proposed solutions. That’s why Flex Store 247 can be delivered and installed within a few days, allowing your Company to speed up the preparation of orders and optimize delivery times thanks to a System with maximum ease of use and ergonomics for operators. In addition, we can guarantee 24-hour after-sales assistance with remote connection.