Artic temperature and high storage intensity for the automatic warehouse of I.D.A.V. S.p.A. –
Ambrosio Group, realised by Trascar


It has been realised a new automatic warehouse for the leader company in production of comfits, candieds and confectionery products, in its factory at Striano (Na), able to handle 2.600 pallets, characterised by exercise temperature of -28°C and by multi-depth stockage through a bi-column stacker crane with satellite.

Work temperature worthy of North Pole (-28°C) and high stockage intensity (2.600 pallets): these are the main characteristics of automatic warehouse at controlled temperature which Trascar realised for I.D.A.V. S.p.A. (Ambrosio Group). For the leader Company in comfits, candieds and confectionery products it has been projected, set up and tested in the main factory of Striano (Na), a new automatic system with very special characteristics.

The quality is guaranteed by cold

I.D.A.V. S.p.A. is present – with the Ambrosio brand – in the Italian market and in several foreign markets with a huge range of products intended for patisserie laboratories and to food industry. The strength point of the Company is the high-level warranty in quality and in productive and invariable in time standards, thanks to the avant-garde technologies use and a highly automatic plant design. In different products working steps (all based on fruits or of natural origin) the temperature is reduced and maintained constant thanks to use of cryogenic gas, which allows a fast and protected quick-freezing. Indeed, the cold is the safest method to maintain unchanged the organoleptic characteristics and products original freshness, without demanding for the use of additives, colours or preservatives. The accurate control of used raw materials, as well as finished products, is completely inside realised thanks to the modern analysis laboratory, both chemically and microbiologically equipped.

Sixty metres of length, six levels of depth

The new I.D.A.V. S.p.A. warehouse is realised with a non-self-supporting shelving, and has its technological heart in the big and powerful bi-column elevator which, thanks to one satellite provided with a capacitor for on board recharging, is able to handle pallets until the sixth depth. This solution allowed to create a big intensity of stockage through the use of a single automatic machine, however by maintaining the entry and exit performances necessaries to the proceeds execution required by the Customer. The system realised by Trascar has a total handling capacity of about 2.600 pallets and until 6 pallets for each channel; the development is 60 metres in length.


Top technology, excellent performances

At the warehouse entry pallets are dimensionally controlled and it is carried out the label lecture, then they are sent to the computerized system. At the order oncoming the stacker crane takes the pallet from the shelf and handles it to the exit bay. The complete warehouse and its mapping management are performed by a WMS software (Warehouse Management System – realized by Trascar completely customized for satisfy all working necessities of the Customer) which dialogues with Customer’s SQL data base, by managing all the stock codes, deadlines and quality control. Fundamental characteristic of WMS software is obviously the constant control of operating temperature in order to guarantee that the cold production is not interrupted. The system has 3 areas at different temperature (0°C, -15°C, -28°C) to allow a product gradual passage to the stockage warehouse, by avoiding the formation of condensation and by controlling the humidity in order not to compromise the characteristics. The whole system is attested for the professional use in low-temperature ambient. Moreover, Trascar has completed the system’s supply with the assembly of automatic fridge doors, managed in pallets entry and exit. Furthermore, Trascar has carried out a general support activity for the dedicated building part and for the cooling system, by performing all necessary for the last obtained final result.

Progetto di crescita a livello internazionale per la conquista di mercati emergenti mediante la commercializzazione di innovative tecnologie automatizzate per il settore tessile, pharma e la logistica.

Descrizione Progetto
Il progetto prevedeva una strategia di internazionalizzazione e sviluppo di contatti commerciali verso Bangladesh, Russia, UK, Turchia, Germania, USA. Trascar aveva programmato, a tale scopo e prima del diffondersi della Pandemia, la presenza con uno stand alle manifestazioni fieristiche di seguito elencate: LogiMAT 2020 (STOCCARDA), INDEX 2020 (GINEVRA); ITM 2020 (ISTANBUL); KTM 2020 (KAHRAMANMARAS-TURCHIA); DTG 2020 (DHAKA - BANGLADESH).
Gli eventi fieristici sono stati selezionati per garantire la presenza diretta di Trascar sui mercati individuati al fine di incrementare la visibilità dell’immagine dell’azienda e garantire una forte presenza nel territorio estero tramite distributori diretti/agenti specializzati, e lo sviluppo di rapporti commerciali con nuove realtà industriali in fasi di crescita. L'obiettivo era un incremento di fatturato export e di brand awareness.
Per ragioni dettate dalla pandemia, è stato possibile svolgere solo la fiera INDEX nel '21 che, nonostante le restrizioni, si è dimostrata produttiva in termini di contatti e follow-up. Il lavoro effettuato dal TEM ha portato all'identificazione, tramite le azioni di marketing digitale e di un DEM, di prospects e potenziali partners commerciali. I contatti si sono e si stanno trasformando in incontri atti alla formalizzazione di contratti.
Progetto confinanziato dal Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale


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