A new automated multi depth warehouse for
Rotolito S.p.A.



Trascar SpA affirms its own expertise in offering customized, innovative and effective solutions, in the automated warehouses sector for every manufacturing scope: one of the last realization consists in the commissioning of a new automated multi depth warehouse for Rotolito S.p.A., a Lombardy Company leader in publishing industry and press technologies that trusted in Trascar S.p.A. for every single engineering and executive phase.

The system realized by Trascar S.p.A. implements services for logistics management inside Rotolito S.p.A. establishment located in Capriate (BG), in which is based the integrated cycle bookbinding activity fitted with latest generation equipments. In this production site is executed the final phase of the production process of printed (folding, collection, sewing, shrink-wrapping, assembling and palletization), as well as the storage and distribution’s management of semi-finished and finished products. The new automated warehouse allowed the Customer to optimize and increase the efficiency of logistics service, allowing to manage fractionated and planned deliveries of different products to hundreds final Customers based all over the world. In the engineering phase of the system has been paid a great attention to optimization of available spaces.


The new automated warehouse has a capacity of further 3.000 pallet places, euro pallet 800 x 1200 x and 1000 x 1200 and a weight of 1.000 kg each one. The system planned and realized by Trascar S.p.A. has its technological core in the multi depth stacker crane provided of hold system with shuttle, that guarantees a perfect answer to the fulfilment and warehousing required by the Customer. A further strength point of the system is represented by the complete management through a specific software, ad hoc studied and integrated with the management system used by Rotolito S.p.A.



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