Centralized Packaging solution for non-woven

July 21, 2021 rolls

Trascar, leader in the supply of solutions for the handling and packaging of non-woven reels since 1996, has recently developed a complete robotic system for the centralized packaging of reels coming from the slitting department of several production lines.
The centralized system, installed in a dedicated area, allows the packaging activities to be kept separate from the production lines, bringing logistics (less space required thanks to the optimization of the different steps) and economic advantages (fewer operators, lower investment costs, …).




The solution
The centralized packaging cell, built for one of the most important spunbond producers in the world, allows Customer to manage the slitted reels produced by several production lines. Each doff is transferred from the single slitter to the centralized packaging cell, for the preparation of the stacks and subsequent packaging, through automatic guided vehicles (AGV).
The plant is able to manage a daily production of spunbond up to 120 tons and is complete with all the accessories to carry out the automatic handling operations, such as internal and external labeling of the individual reels, stacking, wrapping, triple labeling of the pack, insertion of pallets and further wrapping of the final pallet pack.
The system engineered by Trascar can be completed with a fully automatic warehouse in which the finished products can be stored according to a sequence and pre-established geometries following the planned loading and shipping program. The warehouse can also be developed in such a way as to eliminate the risk of material contamination. The products can then be picked up from the warehouse and organized according to the expected shipment sequence. The handling of the reels in and out of the warehouse can also be fully automated and managed by AGV.
From palletization to final shipment, Trascar is the ideal partner for integrated logistics systems. For over 45 years, Trascar has been supporting its Customers by offering complete solutions (palletizing cells, automatic warehouses, picking systems, …) for the handling and storage of goods of all product categories. All Trascar solutions are developed internally with a dedicated engineering office, as well as all phases of the production process and project management are entrusted to qualified internal staff.
In the non-woven sector Trascar is the ideal partner for the supply of customized and fully automated solutions for reels handling and packaging; the solutions can be integrated with fully automatic warehouses and product handling by automated guided vehicles (AGV).